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Terms and Conditions for Our Free Radio Spots

In downloading LifeLine Productions' spots, we request that you air them in their entirety without any edits. That means playing our tag "A message from LifeLine Productions..." that has our website in it. Our website point people to Jesus through NeedHim and provides mp3's and scripts for listeners to use in spreading the Gospel, which is why these spots were created and why we ask that our tag to be played.

There is no charge for downloading our radio messages.

That's it! Short and to the point.

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Best of LifeLine Productions 

(70.5MB) 52 of our best selected spots.

Volume 1, Salvation by Electroshock Therapy

(67.2MB) 52 Spots (Click here for spot listing)

Volume 2, A Question for God

(69.3MB) 52 Spots (Click here for spot listing)

Volume 3, The Erasable Bible

(71.8MB) 52 Spots (Click here for spot listing)

Volume 4, Church is Over, Let's Go Home

(68.7MB) 52 Spots (Click here for spot listing)

The Complete Library of Spots 

(277MB) 208 Spots - All spots listed above.

Spanish Spots

(25MB) 32 Spots (Click here for spot listing)

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