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LifeLine Productions - Home Page LifeLine Productions Scripts and CDs for your use. Advertise your church or business with LifeLine Productions Christian Radio Stations can receive LifeLine Productions promos for free! Who wrote these things anyway?

We help you communicate Biblical Truths in a humorous, thought-provoking way. Download our scripts and spots - free!

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Our spots present the Gospel in an entertaining form in 30 and 60 second formats (in English and Spanish!) free! (more...)

Christian Skits & Scripts

LifeLine Productions has 1- to 10-minute scripts presenting various Christian messages. (Topical Guide...)

Church/Business Promos

Use LifeLine Productions' spots to advertise your church or business!  (more...)

Download mp3s of our radio messages.
The Best of LifeLine Productions
52 popular spots.
The Complete LifeLine Productions Library:
208 MP3s in a single zip file.

Scripts: each set contains 20 scripts (4 to 15 minutes in length).
Christian Scripts Set 1
Christian Scripts Set 2
Christian Scripts Set 3

Transcripts of our radio messages: each download contains 52 transcripts.
Radio Transcripts Volume 1
Radio Transcripts Volume 2
Radio Transcripts Volume 3
Radio Transcripts Volume 4

Download mp3s of our radio messages.
MP3s in Spanish
32 popular spots.

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